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Superhard Materials

Superhard Materials based on polycrystalline diamond and polycrystalline cubic boron nitride are used in a variety of applications where hardness and chemical inertness are necessary. Some applications include high speed tooling, polishing and oil field drilling.

NanoAmor's Superhard Materials are carefully designed and evaluated. The unique combination of binder, particle size, temperature and a uniform pressure press allow the production of integrally bonded cutters and blanks. Finite element analysis (FEA), non destructive testing (such as residual stress analysis and c-scanning), wear resistance and impact resistance are among the tests used to ensure your products have the best quality. Our products meet ISO9001 quality standards.

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IADC Drilling Onshore Conference and Exhibition. 
May 19, 2011 --- Houston TX
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IADC website for more information, 

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To request a Quote or place an order of Superhard Materials please call us to 281-858-6571 or send us an email to Ask  our representative for our discount offers. 

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