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Amorphous Ribbons

Iron-based Amorphous Alloy Ribbons

75-80 at% Fe, 20-25 at% Si+B

Ribbon Thickness:  30 ± 5 μm

Ribbon Width: 5 to 50 mm

Medium-frequency transformer cores in heating equipment
Toroidal gapless cores as SMPS output inductors and differential input inductors
Toroidal gapless cores as noise prevention chokes in car’s audio and navigation system
Toroidal gap cores for PFC used in air conditioner and plasma TV
High-frequency rectangular cut cores as output inductors and transformers in SMPS, UPS etc.
Toroidal gapless cores as pulse transformer for driving IGBTs, MOSFETs and GTOs
Amorphous stators and rotors in high power density speed-variable electric motors and generators

High saturation induction of 1.56 Tesla—Reducing component volume
Low coercivity—Increasing component efficiency
Low core loss—Reducing temperature rise in devices
Variable permeability by different heat treatments—Satisfying various application requirements
Excellent thermal stability—Having a highest service temperature of 130oC

Physical properties:

Saturation induction BS
1.56 T
Hardness Hv
960 kg/mm2
Curie Temperature TC
410 oC
7.18 g/cm3
Crystallization Temperature TX
535 oC
130 μW-cm
Saturation Magnetostriction lS

Magnetic properties

Transverse field annealed
No field annealed
Longitudinal field annealed
Maximum permeability μm
Saturation induction BS
1.5 T
1.5 T
1.5 T
Remanence Br
<0.5 T
1.0 T
1.2 T
Coercivity HC
<2.4 A/m
Core loss (50 Hz, 1.4 T)
<0.2 W/kg
<0.13 W/kg
<0.3 W/kg
Core loss (400 Hz, 1.2 T)
<1.8 W/kg
<1.25 W/kg
<2 W/kg
Core loss (8 kHz, 1.0 T)
<80 W/kg
<60 W/kg
<100 W/kg
Variation in loss between -55 oC and 125 o
Variation in loss
at 120 oC for 200 hours

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