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We'd be delighted to answer your questions. If you would like to contact us during regular business hours (U.S. central time), then please give us a call at 281-858-6571. To ensure the quickest possible reply for e-mails, please contact the appropriate department of our company:
  1. Sales: If you have a question about pricing, need a quote, would like to inquire about whether an item is in stock, or require any other assistance in placing an order, please call or e-mail us at
  2. Customer Service: If you need assistance with your ordered products, please call or e-mail us at
  3. Technical: For technical questions about our products, it is best to provide as detailed information as possible to
  4. Shipping: Where's my stuff? What's the status of my order? We'll be glad to answer those types of questions by phone or at Please have the Order ID number (or, equivalently, your invoice number) that we sent to you when you placed your order, as this number will greatly speed up the process of looking up your order details.
  5. Payment: If you'd like to obtain our bank information, or update us on the status of a mailed-in check or wire transfer, please call or e-mail us at As with shipping, please provide your Order ID number.
  6. Webmaster: For any website inconsistencies, usability problems or comments, please call or e-mail us at

Our Mailing Address

You can mail us at our main operating offices:
Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials, Inc.
1526 Katy Gap Road, #302
Katy, TX 77494
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    Nanostructured & Amorphous Materials, Inc.
    1526 Katy Gap Road, #302
    Katy, TX 77494, USA
    Phone: (281) 858-6571
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