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NanoAmor Nanoscale Optical Coatings and Films:

Our company is involved in the designing, processing, manufacturing, and customizing of precision optical components based on nanoscale optical coatings and films. Our “bottom-up direct growth for patterning” technique expands the functions of such optical products as high-end anti-fog components, laser windows, ultraviolet narrow-band filters, infrared filters, and transparent conductive films.

Please contact us for technical questions or quotes on our “nanoscale optical coatings and films” products and services.

                                                            Nanoscale Optical Coatings/Films

Filter Lens

UV Narrow-Band

UV-222 UV Narrow-Band Filter Lens

UV-254 UV Narrow-Band Filter Lens

LiDAR Narrow-Band

1550 LIDAR Narrowband Filter Lens

940 LIDAR Narrowband Filter Lens

Long-Wave Pass

405/780 Long Pass Filter Lens

Short-Wave Pass

468/614 Short Pass Filter Lens

Laser Windows

High-Power Laser Windows

Anti-Fog Lens

Anti-Fog Lens

Other Lens

Anti-Reflection Lens

High-Reflection Lens

Transparent Conductive Films

Typical Applications

Automotive Optics

  • Solid State MEMS & 1550 nm Vehicle Lidar
  • Lidar Lens and Windows
  • DMS Anti-Fatigue Driving System

Laser Optics

  • Laser Optical Components (Beam Expander, Telecentric Lens)
  • Laser Marking, Deep Engraving, Cutting, and Welding

Medical Instrument (Device) Optics

  • 22 nm Excimer Germicidal Lamp
  • UVC Ultraviolet Disinfection Equipment
  • Medical grade Laparoscope Anti-fog Dental Fog Detector

Smart Device Optics

  • Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses
  • Facial Recognition System

Optical Inspection

  • Flow Cytometry
  • Raman Spectrometers

Other Applications

LED Optical and


Medical Industry

Commercial and


Defense & Security

Scientific research

Medical lighting

Linear LED lenses

 Mobile lighting equipment

 Microlenses & Arrays

 Optical fibers

 Head mounted optics



 Medical imagery

 Dental imagery
 Molecular imaging

 Blood analyzer

 Projection and Display

 Solar energy
 Virtual Reality
 Gas analyzer

 Smoke detector

 Machine vision

 Laser guidance and optics
 Night vision optics

 Military led lighting
 Helmet display
 Micro detectors

 Tactical communications


 Optical inspection
 Test analysis sheet
 Precision metering

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